Download Latest Pokémon Go APK File for Android

You have got androids or iOS or apple watches; you can always play amazing and innovating games that Niantic develops. Yes, Niantic; the best known developing and publishing company that takes credits for not only reality games like Pokémon GO but also Ingress!


Pokémon GO is a free-to-play game released to support the android users and iOS users as well. July 2016, it was this time when the Niantic released this game into market but just in the markets of a few countries. That GPS facility on your phone; that is not just for the monotonous use only. You can have impeccably grand fun with it now. This game Pokémon GO demands the support of GPS connectivity to find, confine, fight and train visual characters. You may get fooled for a while for it doesn’t feel like a game but a happening reality when these characters come rushing to your screen. There are wonderful in-game hacks and fighting tools that you may get on paying the in-app purchases. Just be quick and Download Pokémon Go APK File and have fun.

Mixed reviews with critics flattering the undeniably unique concept of the game and its activeness in the real world. While there were some technical issues as well that made the launch full of hurdles. Despite of these reviews, the release of this game was a blast and is currently most used and profitable mobile app. Download Pokémon Go APK File ASAP and enjoy the amazingly augmented reality gaming that promotes physical activities on a large scale. 500 million downloads have been made so far and this game is truly worth that response.


Features and Characteristics of Game

Download Pokemon GO APK

  • Game Name: Pokémon GO
  • File Name: pokemon-go-391.apk
  • Latest Version: 0.39.1
  • File Size: 76.49MB
  • Recent Update Released on: 25th September 2016
  • Previous Version: Pokémon Go 0.39.0
  • Android Version must be: Android 4.4 and higher
  • Location: Official permission for release was made in USA. Although, this Download Pokémon Go APK File to have access for those staying in countries including Canada and UK and China and France and India.

How to Download?


The newest version of Pokémon GO was recently released 0.39.1 for android users and here is where you can download it. Niantic developers refused to release the game in many countries but this link provides you access to the game disregards of what country is your hub at. Download Pokémon Go APK File staying at whatever location irrespective of the availability of this game there. We are providing you the APK files of this game so you can download it and enjoy it as much as you want.

How to Play?

Download Pokémon Go APK File and log in by signing up an account. Then you have to collect all of your creativities at one place as to expend them on designing an avatar by selecting hair color and style, skin complexion, eyes and other facial features and outfits. This character that you create is going to be you; who is playing the game. Two features of the map; Pokémon gyms and PokeStops. You will get berries and eggs and Poke balls and potions that will lure around the wild and hard-to-find Pokémon to you. Whereas the gym serves for team based matches. Yes; teams could also be made and you can also enjoy the game with your friends.


The game’s map corresponds with you real surrounding and as you move, the avatar that you created also moves accordingly. Moreover, there are even different species of Pokémon like some who live near water and etcetera. Suppose that you encountered a Pokémon, now you may view it in AR mode, i.e. augmented reality mode with a classy live generic background. Access to camera is what the AR mode demands to let you play your game and display the image as in the real world.

This game will guide you by telling you your location and location of your Pokémon for you to capture. Now, just as you find another Pokémon, you have to simply go to that location and find the hidden Pikachu. You have to encounter it with the wild Pokémon with a Poke ball appearing at the bottom of the screen. Once you got it, you will own one Pokémon. You have to learn to use right poke ball with correct velocity and angle as to hit the Pokémon and earn scores. You have to earn as much stardust and candies as you can. These are the two in-built currencies in the game which will decide your success rate. The candies that you get will totally depend upon the Pokémon you just caught that it belongs to some special evolutionary chain. You have to learn to use these powers and increase your “Combat Power”. Oh yes, you can use these candies to evolve Pokémon as well. You can also earn more candies by simply transforming the Pokémon into professor and increase scope for more of them. Fun, isn’t it? Thick and bold strategies will be very much required though. This is how you have to in 151 of original Pokémon by completing the entries in Pokedex that happens to be the broad Pokémon encyclopedia.

The attractive in-app purchases though are really going to pull your mind so hard that you will be forced to buy them. The lure modules to attract Pokémon to reach you and incense and lucky eggs that straight way double the points you have gained so far for thirty seconds. The more combat power, the more powerful your Pokémon will be. And as you level up, you will catch Pokémon with larger combat power and so more points and so again more power to win powerful Pokémon.

Download Pokémon Go APK File and make your life better by playing this oh-so-realistic game that will somewhat change your mind set about the games. Yes, it was videogames then and it is the Pokémon GO now! Read much more excitingly new updates that will flinch your soul forcing you to play it more on !