Grinding Robots – EA have a fix incoming to stop Star Wars Battlefront 2’s XP

Update, November 30: One of Star Wars Battlefront 2’s producers has said that a fix is coming to prevent players farming XP.

Recently, some Star Wars Battlefront 2 players started sharing on Reddit ways to farm XP in multiplayer matches without actively playing. Ali Hassoon, one of the game’s producers revealed on the game’s forums that a fix to prevent this style of play is coming.

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The best Hearthstone decks for beginners to try in 2018

Just starting Hearthstone and too confused to get much further than the tutorial? We’re here to help. These aren’t the best decks in Hearthstone, but they are the ones you can build, play, and win with as a beginner. With a minimum of spending, you’ll get to start climbing the ranks, winning packs, and opening legendaries.

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Download Latest Pokémon Go APK File for Android

You have got androids or iOS or apple watches; you can always play amazing and innovating games that Niantic develops. Yes, Niantic; the best known developing and publishing company that takes credits for not only reality games like Pokémon GO but also Ingress! Continue reading “Download Latest Pokémon Go APK File for Android”

Top 20 Best Action Games for iPhone 7 to try

Games are always fun to play, whether on big screen or small screen. Most of the people around the world love to play action games. Action games are really interesting and are filled with adventure. These games that earlier used to be played on big screens can now be played on small screens of your smart phones and even on iPhone. So, here is the list of best action games for iPhone 7 to play  in 2016 that you must try at least once. You will definitely find them interesting. Continue reading “Top 20 Best Action Games for iPhone 7 to try”


There’re a lot of strategy games on Google Play but you don’t know which one is the funniest or which one has spectacular graphic to play. This article will introduce you 7 great games which doesn’t waste your time.

1 . Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has a huge amount of of players worldwide and is one of the most successful mobile game in recent years. Multiplayer mode in the game is a leading factor attracts most players, allowing them to easily build and protect the community, as well as enhance the combat capability of the army and fight with other players for resources, honors and glory of their clans. Continue reading “TOP 7 ADDICTIVE STRATEGY GAMES FOR ANDROID”